Want a custom wall sticker or removable wallpaper that no one else has? We can make it for you!

Here at ThePrintableCo we do a lot of Custom Wall Art not only for individuals but also for businesses!

Our custom wall art/decals include business logos, lettering and quotes, names, wall art decorations for events like weddings, functions and parties, and any sort of art designs.

If you’re after any Wallpaper designs you would like to enquire about please email us:

  1. A picture of style of the design you’d like
  2. The overall height and width of the wall you’re inquiring about
  3. Any other relevant information i.e if it’s a sun-facing wall or if it’s exposed to any elements.
If you’re after any Wall Quotes to have created please email us:
  1. Sizing requirements (exact or rough dimensions)
  2. The Quote (writing) you’d like created,
  3. The desired font type (style) you’d like; if you have a rough idea we can email you a few samples.
If you’re after any Wall Decals to have created please email us:
  1. Sizing requirements (exact or rough dimensions)
  2. A picture or an idea of a wall art design you’d like (any file format will do)
  3. If any desired quote (writing) to be added (and the font type too)
If you want your Business Logo made into a sticker please email us:
  1. A vector file of the logo (.ai or .eps files) if you do not have one we can re-create or create you a brand new one.
  2. The size

Each custom designs proof is destroyed after creation; this is to ensure a one of a kind artwork with null recreations or plagiarisms.
If you would like a copy of the proof please inform us within 3 days after purchase of.
For any other wall art designs please give us as many details as possible and attach images if you have them. This way we can come back to you with a precise quote.

Send all requirements to hello@theprintableco.com.au or use our contact form below, items over the maximum file size, you may have to e-mail us them. We’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote. 


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